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Is your whatsapp Down or having bug?

Whatsapp Down in UAE or world wide? Users complaint about picture unable to send and download. In Pakistan also whatsapp have some problem. People facing the problem from 3rd June 7 Pm.
There is no official news by Khaleej time Gulf news. How much time it will take to recover no idea yet.

Many people have business account and doing their business through wahtsapp. For whatsapp business it is really a big problem yet no update form authorities. it is also trouble for Mark Zuckerberg and the team. Instagram and facebook not working properly. Sending and receiving picture through whatsapp become panic. many twits are seen by users. The people business depending on whatsapp are really feeling trouble right now.

Few time ago almost 1 month ago same problem was accrue. But it was solved soon. This time it takes much time which is cause of losing trust of users.

What about whatsapp in your country write your country name as well